adam_atleyI’m Adam Kristopher Carter. I’m a full stack developer at consultwebs.com and I love WordPress! In my spare time I like to write songs, play chess on lichess.org, -click on the link to challenge me, if you dare- spend time with family and friends, jog and watch Royals baseball. My passions are music, figuring out how stuff works, learning anything new, reading, great conversation, building websites, WordPress Plugins and anything that seems like a fun challenge.

I’m blogging to chronicle my development as a web developer, share specific challenges I run into and the current solutions, new stuff I’m learning about, have some great conversations and on occasion, journal my journey into the dark art of chess.

Current skills include: HTML, CSS, Sass, Gulp, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and Photoshop (recently I’ve been learning node.js). Version control with Git. A plugin I built was recently featured and reviewed by WordImpress (check it out here).

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